We offer high-value geophysical consultancy and innovative solutions for the study and monitoring of natural hazards

Geco Company

GECO combines scientific and technological skills

Cutting edge competences in the geophysics applied to natural hazard together with long-lasting experiences in the industrial automation and IoT technologies allow us to deliver high-value consultancies and innovative solutions for the research and monitoring of natural hazards.


Geophysical consultancies and
natural hazard monitoring solutions

Geophysical consultancies and natural hazard monitoring solutions

Geophysical consultancy

GECO offers high value consultancies during the design, the development and the management stages of geophysical monitoring and early warning systems. We provide consultancy regarding the technical aspects related to the monitoring network setup, the study of the monitored phenomena, the choice of standard analysis software, the realization of customized software and algorithms for data analysis (Python, C++, Matlab) and real-time monitoring and automatic alerting.

Monitoring solutions

The 24/7 monitoring of natural risks offers the opportunity to learn about the dynamics of the phenomenon and to develop analysis techniques and effective alert criteria for risk mitigation (predictive approach).


GECO designs and realizes infrasonic and seismic antennas capable to detect remotely (> 1 km) signals produced by a large variety of natural phenomena including volcanic eruptions, rock and snow avalanches, debris flow, rockfall, glacier dynamics …. The monitor solutions that GECO offer include ad-hoc software for the real-time data analysis and automatic notification of anomalies.


Some of the latest research
that we have published

Talk at the European Geosciences Union 2022 General Assembly

Infrasound detection of avalanches: operational experience from 26 systems in Canada, Switzerland and Norway – individual and multi-array based approaches.


Conference paper for the Slope Stability 2020 meeting of the Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth

On the use of acoustic records for the automatic detection and early warning of rockfalls.


Conference paper for the International Snow Science Workshop 2018, Innsbruck

Infrasound detection of avalanches: operational experience from 28 combined winter seasons and future developments.


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